Bicuspid aortic valve


A 15-year-old child came to control the bicuspid aortic valve. In addition: aortic regurgitation of 1 st., Vmax to 6 m /...Continue

Online sonograms measurement

The innovative telemedicine option of this site - online sonograms measurement - transfer us to a new higher level of forum work! I do not know any other web-site which has such option at this moment. Usually medical diagnostic imaging mean special DICOM file type. But using calibration method from scales on images makes DICOM unneeded. Here you can measure: - simple JPEG files and frames of the flash video(FLV); - not only simple distance but also time and velocity in doppler sonograms. ...Continue

Thyroid lesion


A child of 9 years with a disability at a screening. In the posterior sections of the left lobe of...Continue

Basketball player knees


A 15-year-old girl, a basketball player, injured her left knee during training as a result of a...Continue



Child 1 month at the screening. In the projection of the fibrous AV ring/ membranous part of the...Continue

The lack of devices unification

Now I want to talk about the theme of devices unification! And this problem is very urgent! It's fine if you work in the single room where there is a single ultrasound machine but what if you're not? For an example, you are on 24 hour duty in the hospital and in each department there are devices from different manufacturers? Doctors of others specialities will not understand! Device and device, what's the difference, sonologist(sonographer) should be able to work on all devices because they got such skills at some educational course etc ... Firstly, no one teaches us (in Russia certainly don't) to work with specific devices! Secondly, the amount of devices today is so big, as it with drugs, so it's impossible to know all their modifications! So you come, for an example, in intensive care unit, where from you expecting quick answers, as soon as you put the probe on the patient, but you try to vaguely find where in this device the needed options can be turned on ... Some devices has an english notation, others mixed - buttons in english, the shell program in other language (in Russia in russian). USB connector seems to be there, but to understand whether it's intended to activate the option(for managers only) or even to export the diagnostic data is not possible! Moreover, for example, you casually record images in the device, but then it turns out that it was recorded in the temporary memory, and after the change of the patient, without any warning, all data is lost ... Conclusion is disappointing, not all of ultrasound devices manufacturers take care of their customers! The problem is partly due to the fact that it is an expensive technique and it is not purchased directly by the consumer, sonologist(sonographer), but by the head of the hospital, which is interested mostly in common things(price etc) because it will never keep a probe in its hand. Feedback with the manufacturer is also not available in most of cases, you can certainly find their website and write to them about your problems but in response will be nothing or you'll be asked to send them an official request from the head of the hospital and you of course choose to not bother your chief for such a small problems - circle is closed. It is very convenient from the point of manufacturer's laziness, not need to do anything, everything is good, and you are breaking your brains about why every time a button or an option located randomly in the left or in the right, some times as a...Continue

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Ultrasound Flash revolution

New option was added at forum. Option based on flash technology and work with standard browser flash-plugin. Now you can measure static sonograms and frames of video...Continue

Photoreport from Russian Health Care Week 2015



Where are the buttons, dude?

On the US market has a new player - CARESTREAM (Canada), introduced a family of ultrasound scanners - Touch Prime. ... Already from the name (Touch) you can guess what will be discussed, a stationary ultrasound unit instead of the standard operator console with buttons has a huge touchscreen (ie....Continue


Exact Imaging company ... recently introduced an ultrasound scanner with a 29 MHz probe( as I understand the TR probe) this according to the company opinion can rightfully be called micro-ultrasound. ... ...Continue

Photoset from conference about elastography


6 dec. 2012 In Moscow went an international conference - Perspective methods of ultrasound diagnostics. Ultrasound elastography and elastometry - organized by Russian Association of Specialists in...Continue



August 16, 2016 at website was published a press release supposedly from Hong Kong (at least as written in...Continue

And what is your gel, sterile?

According to the US Department of Justice in the gel for ultrasound of Pharmaceutical Innovations Inc. from New Jersey ...Continue

Slow-motion video

Added the ability to view the video in slow motion. Unfortunately, this option is only available in OS Windows browsers based on the Chromium engine. The rest of the tested browsers either do not...Continue

Facebook Widget

Facebook Widget was blocked because in primetime it causes long delay in page loading. ...Continue

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